The Manchester Declaration

On the 6th September 2018...
...we followed up our launch event  which was held on the 27th June, with a larger exploration of what our aspirations are - how we might achieve them - and what we need to do to get there. So even though you may have missed this event, over October and November 2018 we will continue to explore how we might work together as artists, researchers, activists and those working in the health, social care and voluntary sectors. 

So if you have an open mind and live or are actively involved in work in Greater Manchester that is driven by a desire to affect health and social change, get in touch to explore how you might contribute to the Manchester Declaration. Email Clive Parkinson via the contact page.

Together we'll begin to develop our shared vision of a Manchester Declaration.

If you want to respond via email to four of the stimuli from a Declaration session, just send your responses via the contact page.

1. If you could shout from the rooftops - tell the world about what you do - what would you be sharing - what's your story?

2. Research - how might we do things differently?

3. How do you imagine the arts influencing social change?

4. Who defines value and what might new knowledge look like?

The archive of the eventbrite page is available to check out HERE. 

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Clive Parkinson