WORLD HEALTHCARE CONGRESS (EUROPE) 5 – 7 March 2019 Manchester Central, UK

I am honoured to be co-curating one of three conference themes across the two years that this global event takes place in Greater Manchester. Alongside the director of Manchester Museum, Esme Ward, we will be embedding creativity, culture and the arts as a key conference strand under the banner:

Arts for Health & Social Change
The possibilities of the arts in all their forms impacting on health and social change, is of growing interest to communities and policy makers alike. In the UK the All Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health & Wellbeing published the groundbreaking report, Creative Health illuminating new possibilities in how we understand and address contemporary health challenges.

This conference theme will focus down on the possibilities of culture, heritage and the arts in the context of issues ranging from how we might address the social determinants of health – to research and practice around the life course, our mental health and how we age well.

In Manchester a city that is central to the birth of the arts and health movement, this theme gives delegates the opportunity to experience and interrogate the ways in which we understand the lived experience of communities and the factors that influence public health, address inequalities and influence health outcomes. We propose that participation in culture and the arts has the potential to radically shape the future of the health and social care landscape and give voice to the most marginalised members of our society.

If you want to know more about the 2019 event, click HERE.

Clive Parkinson